Colt Club

Any Mustangs under the age of 12, can join the Colt Club ($20) to run through the tunnel at home games and support our Mustangs.  Click the link below to get a form to become a member

Colt Club 2018

Colt Club Rules

Welcome to The Lamar Colt Club! Below are a list of rules and guidelines to ensure all club activities are fun and safe. All club members are expected to represent Lamar Mustang football in a positive manner. Members must be nice to one another and treat other Colt Club members and adults with respect.

Running through The Tunnel on game day is a special privilege usually only granted to Mustang Varsity Football players.

Colt Club members that want to run through The Tunnel must follow the guidelines listed below.

Colt Club members will be able to run through The Tunnel before Games scheduled at Traylor and must be old enough to run through without parent.

  • Parents are responsible for making sure their children stay in the staging area before they run through The Tunnel and return to the stands afterward
  • All members must be wearing the official shirt to get in to the game free and be accompanied by a parent with a ticket
  • All members must be wearing the official shirt to run through The Tunnel (Sorry, no exceptions)
  • Parents should have kids at Traylor Stadium at least 30 minutes before the game.
  • Members should be brought to the Colt Club staging area at the “Pass Gate – Gate 2” located on the southeast side corner (home side next to Field House).
  • Members will run through The Tunnel and then line up to cheer for the Varsity as they run out of The Tunnel
  • Members will then walk down the sideline and exit the field through the same gate through which they entered the field
  • Parents can meet their child at the staging area after they run.
  • Parents are not allowed on the field
  • Members should go directly to their seats in the stands after they leave the field.
  • Members must listen and follow directions of adult Colt Club representative at all times.
  • Members that do not follow directions or misbehave while on the field will not be able to run through The Tunnel at future games.